Tyche Leadership Consulting_Gender Diversity Coach Nikki Watkins

Gender Diversity Coach Nikki Watkins delivers incredibe Executive Workshop on Unconcious Bias

On the morning of Monday 20th June 2016, at the start of LONDON TECH WEEK, Tyche’s Gender Diversity Coach, Nikki Watkins co-hosted an exclusive TLA WOMENINTECH VIP Market Open Ceremony and Panel Event at the London Stock Exchange to set the tone of advocating for inclusivity and affect meaningful change in London’s thriving tech ecosystem.

The amazing line-up included the inspiring Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas DBE, followed by a fabulous Diversity Keynote from Baroness Oona King.

Delegates were then called to participate in an incredibly well received Executive Workshop on Unconcious Bias led by leading Gender Diversity Coach, Nikki Watkins. This workshop, designed for ALL Leaders, explored the following:

  • Understanding the brain and reason for Bias.
  • Raising awareness of types of Bias, including gender.
  • Identifying them in yourself and the impact on the business.
  • Mitigation strategies.
  • Hiring for balance.
  • Random acts of inclusion.
  • Bias in your Company – real examples of people’s experiences / language used and how to overcome

such biases.

Nikki’s incredibly well received Executive Workshops on Unconcious Bias can be tailored to include interviews across functions and teams, an online survey to capture the experiences and language anonymously, and analysis of the survey to capture themes to be shared during workshops.