Alison van Buuren

“The question to the coach is like a scalpel to the surgeon. Alison is truly a surgeon!”

Tyche_Alison van Buuren

Alison is passionate about social change. She believes in our potential, as human beings, to create an extraordinary world and the time to do so is now, more than ever. Through coaching executives who have a far-reaching impact and who are willing to deeply examine their interior condition, she helps leaders lead with courage, conviction, passion, integrity and confidence in this time of complexity.  She believes transformational change occurs through body, mind and emotional awareness therefore working at all three levels in her coaching. Due to her additional background in Organization Development, she understands business, bringing a systems lens to her work.

My best Evolution story:

Sitting on a meditation cushion in an ashram in India…

I have been through a lot of development work but nothing could have prepared me for my own “Eat, Pray, Love” journey to India, visiting a guru in the state of Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the Himalayan’s.

I arrived on my first day, jet lagged, needing to acclimatize to the elevation, with my heart feeling like it was beating in my throat. My colleague picked me up from the airport and took me directly to the ashram where I was given the ‘special seat’ for visitors – right next to the guru. Before you know it I was invited up on the stage to speak to the room of 200+ people. I was shocked to see so many PhD’s, government dignitaries and successful business leaders from all over the world, in one room. I wondered what brought them to this remote place in India? I soon discovered why.

This life transforming trip helped me experience what is possible when we are less identified with our thoughts and mind, when we can be observers of our experience as well as the experiencer, what it means to live life moment by moment, how our bodies are an untapped source of incredible intelligence and how free we actually are.

I work with leaders to invite them into the possibility that there is a way of being, living and leading that is very different than what we now know. It takes an open mind, open will and open heart. I look forward to working with you.