Darren Briggs

“He’s the best communicator I know.”

Darren Briggs - Tyche Leadership Consulting

With a 30 year career in employee and change communications which spans companies like British Airways, Microsoft, Nike, PepsiCo and Vodafone, Darren is well known for his clear, direct communication.  He brings to the table a pragmatic approach to coaching and guiding Leaders on their ability to engage and inspire employees through the way they communicate. He is also a skilled facilitator and consultant who loves to challenge Leadership teams on their story – whether it’s about themselves or about their organisation.

My best Evolution story:

Failing my exams at school and gaining an MBA…

We are meant to evolve. This means being courageous and taking risks to test ourselves, and seeing how far we can go personally and professionally.

I left school at 18 after comprehensively failing most of my exams – a case of playing rugby, chasing girls and drinking beer being far more important to me then than education.  As all my friends went off to University (ironically to play rugby, chase girls and drink beer), my Dad brought me down to earth with a bump by saying “Well son, you’ll learn from this one day, but in the meantime you’d better get yourself a job”.   After drifting around for a couple of years, I found myself at British Airways and soon realised that unless I took control of my own destiny then my ambitions were never going to be fulfilled.  It took courage to knock on my manager’s door and ask for his support in helping me go back to college.

Not only did he pay for my college education and give me one day off a week to attend, but he also taught me a far more valuable lesson: if you put your faith in someone, they will be more engaged and go the extra mile for you.  That was the start of my 10 year journey to achieve my MBA and my lifetime journey to continuously learn and improve myself and others.