Isabelle Clements

“Isabelle is a consummate professional with an extraordinary ability to build rapport with each individual in the room.”

Isabelle Clements is an engaging and motivating facilitator with a ridiculous amount of energy and enthusiasm. Based in Vancouver, BC she first gained her HR and OD experience in the Airline industry before jumping into the high tech world, and eventually working as a Consultant with a broad variety of organisations.  Isabelle doesn’t sit still for long and is on a never-ending quest for leadership insights, knowledge and experiences.  She thrives on using a “co-creation” approach with her clients.  She leads and coaches from a place of strengths and values alignment.  With her top strength of “Adaptability”, she holds the belief that, just like a cat, she will always somehow land on all fours.  This translates into powerful, spontaneous and vulnerable interactions with leaders as she partners with them through their journey.

Isabelle has delivered a Leadership programme for women across Canada, working in the field of Telecommunications, and has been a guest speaker at Minerva foundation’s “Learning to Lead”: a women’s program providing emerging women leaders, the opportunity to be mentored by accomplished women leaders in business, government and the community.  She has also been involved in the design and delivery of an Emerging Leaders program.

 My best Evolution story:

Meeting Otto Scharmer…

We are meant to evolve. I believe in embracing new viewpoints and constantly exploring our understanding of what it means to be a Leader.

Berlin 2013 is when I was first exposed to the amazing work of Otto Scharmer.  I was partnering with a member-based organisation intending on using a Values-based approach to their businesses: Leaders from around the world sharing their values-based perspectives on the evolution of Leadership.  As a group, we had the opportunity to hear Otto Scharmer speak on his concepts of Leadership and Social Transformation in a complex world, through the lens of his new book Leading from the Emerging Future.  I stayed up late that evening, and wrote to my colleagues about some of the concepts he challenged us to explore as leaders.  I have followed him through his powerful MIT online programs ever since, and continue to share his thinking at every opportunity, with the leaders that I have the pleasure to work with.  I have shifted how I view leadership since that encounter, and continue to explore what it means on an ongoing basis.