Victoria Macpherson

“It was like being given the key to the door of another world that I knew existed, but I just couldn’t figure out how to open it up! Victoria displays a very natural and calming style, provokes your inner thoughts and helps you to challenge yourself about what you really want out of life.”

Victoria MacphersonBeing passionate about people, Victoria brings her unique energy, enthusiasm and intuition to her coaching. Drawing on her previous experience when working with clients, she is motivated by her ability to support senior managers to maximise their leadership skills and manage themselves in a gradually more difficult environment. After twenty-five years in Investment Banking and Executive Search, Victoria retrained as a coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC) and is trained to use Hogan Psychometrics. Her coaching practice is greatly influenced by Nancy Kline Thinking Partnership work as well as Gestalt Coaching. She speaks Spanish and French and enjoys working with clients from different cultures.

My best Evolution story:

Taking my career in new, unexpected and exciting directions.

We are meant to evolve. I believe it is important to be open to opportunities: to see and receive them when they come to you.

My career has evolved dramatically over the last 30 years. I have chosen to make the biggest changes in my career at times when all was going well because I no longer found it fulfilling. I realised that taking the easy path just wasn’t enough for me.

I worked in investment banking for the first 10 years of my career, had a great team and was challenged and happy. Yet in 1996, when the city was booming, I just lost the buzz for it.  I was headhunted by another firm and, whilst chatting to the headhunter, realised that my next step was to do something different rather than to move to another bank; the following week he re-approached me and asked if I would consider working with him – headhunting.  It was a young start-up team of ex-bankers who had only been in business a year, but there was something about the proposition that really grabbed me.  I moved on half the salary and no bonus but never looked back.

I was, and still am, fascinated by people and I loved it from the first moment I started matching people with people; in my mind there is nothing better.   I built my business and in 2010 set up my own headhunting firm.  Once again though, in 2013 when the business was successfully set up, I found it had lost its buzz for me; I still loved helping people but increasingly there was less value to be added to the process as it was more about bums on seats than really matching the right people together.

At that time, I was also advising clients at senior levels on how to manage their teams and retain and motivate staff, as well as advising on who might fit.  I started to coach managers who were struggling to lead their teams through the tough times post 2008.  I trained in Hogan Psychometrics and decided to move into coaching, leadership development and facilitation and once again I haven’t looked back.

Each step in my career has helped me to evolve as a person and my career has always been rewarding and challenging – and most importantly fulfilling.  Not quite swimming the channel or writing a book but it is my own personal evolution!