Tyche Leadership Consulting_Paul Frampton Gender Diversity presentation at the 'He AND She Conference'

Paul Frampton exposes gender diversity in organisations at the ‘He AND She Conference’

Do we need to rethink how we approach gender diversity in our organisations?

Our society is built on concepts of what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman.  We have ascribed meaning to the masculine and the feminine, which we then assign to gender.  The problem is that this doesn’t work out too well for us at all.

There is much evidence to suggest that the emerging generations’ grasp on gender is much more fluid.  Perhaps even the generation born today “will grow up with different assumptions: not just that women should be equal to men but that gender might not be the most important part of your identity” – Laurie Penny in The New Statesman, September 2015

This is the topic explored at the The Hobbs Consultancy hosted HeANDShe Conference. The conference was about what could be possible in terms of gender diversity.

Paul Frampton’s presentation exposes the depressingly stale/male/pale stats in the world of advertising as a reflection of the work that needs to be done in the media industry towards shaping the consumer’s perceptions of gender. His experience suggested that a culture change in the ad industry would have a knock on effect in wider culture. With an increase in the amount of time our emerging generations are spending on social media, consuming media, and often divulging multiple media forms at once; surely there is an opportunity to take advantage and start breaking down the gender stereotypes through technologic means. – Nicole Dainton