Nikki Watkins 10 Downing street

Talented women will transform society

On 24th November I was proud to visit 10 Downing Street at the invitation of DevelopHer an organisation focused on helping women reach their full potential in the tech world.

An opening from Karen Bradley MP on the importance of women in technology, and around a 100 women paired up as Mentors and mentees in a wild 90 minute speed dating session. I had the privilege of meeting 7 women of all ages and demographics, with unique challenges, asking for thoughts, ideas and advice. I was struck by the incredible passion and talent these women had, whether starting out in their careers in engineering, or founding businesses, they all had something in common – they wanted to make a difference either to the world around them, and/or to the world at large.


It seems that women are the movers and shakers of how technology can transform society, that their innovations have an underlying altruism, that they are connecting the human needs with the digital age, much more so than men.

I generalise to make a point, but it also meant that it sent my mind spinning to consider perhaps this is why women are only 1/10th as likely to be invested in by the all white male VC community.  Females are the creators of the next generations of humans, we care about society, the planet, the well being of more than the fat cats, it is not about wealth creation for the sake of it, our ambition is for a healthy world. No matter whether we are Gen X, Millennialls or Gen Z we believe in making the world a better place. It was no surprise to me that I took as much (if not more), away from being the Mentor to these amazing women, and that is the richness of a community of women.

Our mission must be to foster the future of female leadership in order that in every walk of life there are opportunities for other women to create and build beautiful solutions and businesses that can both increase the GDP of our country but also be a positive ripple in the world.