Gender Diversity Programme

Educate, Evolve, Equalise

TYCHE diversityAccelerate your plans for an equalised business with our Best Practice Gender Diversity Programme which offers you exactly what you need to fast track change, confidently address the Gender Diversity Agenda, and guide your Organisation towards a more diverse and successful future. Contact us today to get started.


Gender Diversity Programme

“Women in unity with men are a powerful and complementary strategic force available to every organization.  This blending of diversity of thought, leadership, and decision-making can change the work environment for the better, drive retention and productivity, and most importantly, deliver results.” – Gender Intelligence B Annis & Associates Inc (2013)

The aims of our Gender Diversity Programme


  • To move you away from the damaging “group think” mentality, and ensure that your Leadership Team is diversity-minded and future focused.
  • To address and remove the unconscious biases within your Company Culture, your Leadership and Recruitment Teams, and in your promotion practices.


  • To help you connect Gender Diversity to the vision and goals of your company, ensuring you are clear on the “why”.
  • To recognise and retain your current and future female talent, and invest in women with high potential.


  • To give your women a voice and get your men FULLY engaged and advocating.


“Businesses with the most gender diverse leadership are 15% more likely to report financial returns above their national industry median.”

Our Programme can be individually tailored to include any of the following elements, although we recommend you start with a Current Status Assessment if you do not already have an objective overview of your needs.


Assessment of Current Gender Diversity Status

A confidential and individually designed strategy to enable a high level overview of the current gender status of your business.


tyche_wil_linkedin-2-02Women in Leadership Workshop

A dynamic and transformative programme designed to release and empower your female talent and maximise both their and your success. FIND OUT MORE




Executive Coaching

Highly impactful 1:1 coaching predominantly aimed at your female leaders to ensure they reach their maximum potential.


Unconscious Bias Workshop

A half-day workshop to expose, explore and challenge our unconscious and damaging gender biases.


Mentoring, Sponsorship and Networking

A supportive strategy tailored to ensure your organisation is providing suitable opportunities for the development of your female talent and the integration of diversity thinking for maximum strategic impact.


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