Organisational Culture Development

What is YOUR Organisational Culture?


How do you treat your employees?  How do they treat each other?  What do you expect from them?  What guidelines have you given them for the way they should be working?  Do they feel valued and respected?  Do they feel their work has purpose?  Do they have a shared vision for the future of your business?

How do you treat your customers?  How do they see you?  What do they expect from you?  Do they feel valued and respected?  Do they remain loyal?  Do they recommend you?  Do they understand your purpose and vision?  Do you?

How does your organisation respond to change?  Do you encourage risk-taking and innovation?  How do you deal with failure and mistakes?  What do you prioritise?  How do you maintain your reputation and client base without becoming entrenched in outdated business practice?  How can you be sure your organisation will continue to thrive and grow?  How adaptive are you?

By asking questions like these, we help organisations such as yours get clarity in your culture, and therefore in the execution of your business.

Our work in Organisational Culture is designed for companies who wish to remain strong and competitive in the face of the global cultural revolution.  Our team will explore, assimilate and analyse your Corporate Vision and your strategies for achieving it.  By focusing on your explicit and implicit behaviours and attitudes, we will help you to assess the impact your Corporate Culture has on your progress.  Together we will reflect on how well your current culture is working for you and, if necessary, we will develop a coherent and practicable plan to transform your culture into the high-performing, adaptive one you need it to be.